Music Week is a consistently enjoyable and informative read that gives an authorative inside track on the exciting developments taking place in our industry. It strikes an excellent balance in being supportive and encouraging towards our sector whilst also subjecting it to rigorous scrutiny, and does so with enthusiasm and integrity that make it one of the most important voices in our industry.
— Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive, BPI
Music Week always provides me with a great 360 degree insight into the news and challenges across the industry, rather than just from the label perspective. It also helps provide a better understanding of the issues facing the decision making characters across media, which helps guide our planning. (The back pages are also an excellent guide to show you which sunglasses you should and shouldn’t wear at Summer Parties!)
— Ted Cockle, President, Virgin EMI
Music Week is always an informative read and great reference point for charts, information and opinion from the people, artist, writers and execs who make the industry.
— Guy Moot, President of UK and European Creative, Sony/ATV
The daily bulletins keep me informed of developments on an ongoing and up-to-date basis and the magazine provides me with greater strategic analysis. So I get news as is happens and industry ‘intelligence’ that is very informative.
— Peter Leathem, CEO, PPL
I subscribe to music week because the team have shown they can provide both immediate breaking news as it happens and subsequent in-depth high quality analysis.
— Alison Wenham, CEO, AIM