There’s a reason why we’re all in this industry and it’s largely because we love music. We all listen to music, sure, but many of us also play. With the wealth of talent across the industry, in all instruments and across all genres, I think it’s time to set aside the work agenda for one evening, get the beers in and make some noise!

The Music Week Jam Night is a relaxed and informal industry get together with music, drinks and networking. The music will largely be rock, pop, funk, soul & reggae from the 60's, until present day. Attendance is strictly for industry only, a strict guest list will operate on the night. Artists/Bands/Singer-Songwriters should check out our industry showcase; RADAR. Full details are still to be confirmed. If you are interested in being part of this night, please get in touch!



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For sponsorship opportunities or to discuss other ways you can be involved, please contact Rob Baker on

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